Saturday, October 3, 2009

Padang earthquake, Sumatra

     Padang beach: hope these people are safe.

As reports of the scale of destruction of the Padang quake get to the outside world, we become numbed with shock and horror. Where there was once a bustling city, it's now in utter chaos and ruin.

The Hotel Mariani International, where I stayed earlier this year, is completely destroyed. It's a relief that a Singaporean who was trapped inside was finally freed.

We can only hope and pray that thousands of other Indonesians will have survived.

I'm prepared to volunteer in Padang if any organisation needs a pair of extra hands (pass the word round).


  1. Typhoon Ketsana & Parma in Philippine, earthquake in Indonesia.....more to come?

    Roger, my elder brother was saying "Doomsdays Fast Approaching" In fact, loads of people are predicting December 2012 as the judgment day.

    Read this article 2012 PHENOMENON

    Tell what you think

  2. Throughout history, man has predicted this and that, the arrival of a saviour or the end of the world but the world remains the same. As with most articles of this nature, they can sound convincing. The end of the world has been predicted countless times, and this one will also come and go. The only way for the world to end is nuclear conflict between nations. That's why we must remove nuclear weapons from the face of the earth, and stop nuclear weapons prolifiration.