Monday, October 12, 2009

Showtime at Sepilok, Sabah, East Malaysia

Showtime over: Visitors heading into the rainforest.

Showtime over, the majority of the visitors made for the exit, jumped into their vehicles and rushed to their next destination much to the amusement of the great apes, the orang-utan, snuggling in the trees above. Humans are funny creatures, they must have thought.

A few visitors headed into the rainforest to discover its delights. And the leeches were lying in wait for a hearty meal.


  1. Roger, where are Still in Malaysia? I'm already addicted to your travel to Sabah and Sarawak :)

  2. I'm now back in KK from Sandakan. Sabah and Sarawak are perfect for a nature lover and trekker like you. Also, there are great photo opportunities.

  3. Still remember when I was 'forcing' to walk almost 3km from the roundabout by my Finnish to go to Sepilok. Im tired to death yet fun:))and it was my first experienced to walk a miles.

  4. Farhana, you can now call yourself a champion walker. When I travel I walk a lot. I see it as exercise, something that I do daily anyway.