Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Borneo Gaya Lodge, Sabah, East Malaysia

                                  This  guy  is also  from Singapore  but  as you can see he's wasting his  time  surfing on his  netbook.

I'm staying at this guesthouse in Gaya Street called Borneo Gaya Lodge. It's clean and neat, and has a homey atmosphere. It's like a home away from home.

Gaya Street is home to many guesthouses. If you're the type who lives to eat Gaya Street will help you to put on extra kilos around your waist and other parts of your anatomy. Reason? There are so many eateries here you might spend all your time eating instead of exploring Sabah.

Rejoice those who delight in eating intestines, livers and pork ribs. There's a Chinese restaurant directly below my guesthouse that deals in these so-called delicacies. It's really good. Why? Simple. It's packed in the evening.

Me? Did I try eating these body parts of the pig? Not even for a pot of gold!

What impresses me most is the cleanliness of these eateries. Especially the toilets. Singapore coffee shops could learn a thing or two in this area.


  1. Hey Roger, why are you not eating the piggy special parts? Normally, traders 'flush' out all those crappy stuff in the intestines before cooking them. So, it's clean and crunchy :)

  2. Not my cup of tea...But the locals pack Yu Kee Restaurant, spilling onto the pavement below my guesthouse. Every night.... You should try when you come over.