Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sabah Tourism, Sabah, East Malaysia

Need help?: The friendly and helpful Sabah Tourism staff will answer all your queries on travel in Sabah. The huge map of Sabah is eye-catching and innovative.

Magnificent building: Sabah Tourism office is housed in this magnificent old building in Jalan Gaya. It has lots of glossy and comprehensive tourist literature and maps to help you plan your travels in Sabah. They are all on display (not hidden like in some countries), and you're free to take as many as you wish (but, please, not to build up your home library, ok?)

FYI: Jalan Gaya is packed with budget accomodation, restaurants and coffee shops. In 5 mins you can walk to the seafront from here.

BTW, this blogger is not commissioned by Sabah Tourism to write glowing accounts of Sabah tourism.


  1. Roger, you are more than qualified to write for Sabah Tourism:)

    By the way, are you documenting or writing a book about your travel in Malaysia? I'll be the first person to get an autographed version :)


  2. Alex, maybe when I find the time. I've been doing some homework today on Manado in Sulawesi. When I read that it too had suffered from an earthquake, I shuddered at the prospect of being buried alive! You see, the same hotel I stayed in Padang earlier this year was completely flattened by the quake. Imagine if I had been there at the wrong time I'd not have survived.