Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stunning girls of Sabah, East Malaysia

Girl in Black (GIB)

Girl in Black's colleagues

On the way to Sandakan in eastern Sabah, I stopped for a meal at this remote restaurant. I approached GIB but she was preoccupied with her cell phone.

Me: What do you have today? (I spoke in Bahasa Malaysia or Malay, the national language of Malaysia)
She gave me a thumbs up, and continued chatting on her phone.

Her colleagues: She's talking with her boyfriend.
They giggled and laughed.

Me: No wonder.
GIB: They're lying.
Her colleagues: Yes, every day she's on the phone.
GIB blushed and giggled.

GIB: Marry them.
Me: Ha, ha, they're too young for me.
More giggles and more laughter from her friends.
GIB: No problem.
My eyes rolled heavenwards, beseeching Providence for guidance.

From my chat with these people I learned that their monthly salary is between 400 to 500 ringgit. (US $116 to 146)

(In South-east Asia, it's not considered rude to ask a person personal questions as long as your concern is sincere.)


  1. Very pretty GIB. I don't know about 'they're too young for me' amongst the ladies.

    'If you got the money, honey/I've got the time' - Willie Nelson - Original Lefty Frizzell.

    Roger, you've got plenty of money and plenty of time.

  2. Plenty of time yes but pockets full of holes. Waiting for a wealthy heiress or something to take pity on me. LOL. Have you heard about the earthquake which hit Sulaweisi yesterday? Hope things are not so serious or else I've to abort my plans.

  3. RM400 - RM500 per month? That is cheap labour. Roger, are they part time of full time workers?

  4. They're full time. A construction worker told me he earned RM 18 A DAY. How to survive he said.

  5. That's why big families are common so that the total family income can ease their hardship somewhat.