Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sepilok Nature Reserve Part 2, Sabah, East Malaysia.

As you stroll in the beautifully landscaped Sepilok Nature Reserve, you''ll not fail to notice an orchid garden. Words fail me to describe the beauty of the orchids!

Here in the nature reserve you have the time to stand and stare. If surrounded by the beauty of nature at every turn, and you still worry about unfinished work at the office then you're at the wrong place!

With a good book and a drink in this restaurant, my stress level plunged to zero (sorry, not trying to make you envious).

Remember, I mentioned the other day about my humiliation in not being able to spot a single bird though Sepilok boasts of about 300 species?

Well, here I spotted 5 species. Haha, dignity restored! The best was a reddish woodpecker I saw at close range with my trusty binoculars.

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