Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hostels/Lodges in Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysian

Winho Lodge at Jalan Dua: RM25 for dorm, air-con, wi-fi, free flow of coffee, tea, with breakfast."Everyone can stay" is their motto. Like Air Asia's "Everyone can fly". In theheart of town.
Bas Mini assistants. Obvious they love to have their photos taken!

Restaurant by the sea. Seafood fried rice RM5, canned beer RM5 (my dinner). Malaysian Navy (see pic below) is just next to this restaurant. Their motto is "Sedia berkorban" (Ready to sacrifice") Impressive fleet of fighting machines.


  1. Roger, are you still in Sabah?

    RM25 inclusive of wifi? That's a good bargain!

    I need to travel to both Sabah & Sarawak....SOON!

  2. Yes still here, 9 Oct.If you stay for a few days you can bargain it to RM23. The best part is the wifi! Now, to say that I've covered Borneo I must travel to Kalimantan as well.

    Bring your car over to Sabah! There are many beautiful places to go. Or bring a group of friends and hire a car.

  3. You do all the travelling and taking photographs whereas I sit at the comfort of my home touring KK and Sandakan virtually.

    Thanks for all this. Enjoy yourself.

  4. Makan angin saja. I've met a lot of KL people here.

  5. Wah! With your extensive coverage, you can start writing a book about 'Asia Travel Stories' :) I'll be the first person to get the autographed version.

  6. Maybe one day I'll sit down and write my travel tales. But I'm too busy travelling that's the trouble. Now that Air Asia has gained landing rights in France, I'm already planning my second European trip. But the Middle East is my top priority. Hope AA flies to Cairo which is the gateway to both Africa and the middle east. Wow!