Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sabah, East Malaysia

I'll be winging my way to Sabah from Singapore on Tuesday 6 Oct. This is my second visit. No, I won't be climbing up Sabah's premier attraction, Mt Kinabalu. I climbed or walked up rather Mt Kinabalu years back. If I were to climb up now, KK General Hospital and a team of top cardiac surgeons need to be on standby. And throw in a helicopter for evacution for good measure.

So, if you have a car unused or an apartment unoccupied for a long time just let me know, ok? You know what I mean...haha.


  1. Have another safe, pleasant and interesting trip my friend. Try to bring a pretty Sabahan lady home. We need more foreigners to till our land.

  2. Have a pleasant and enjoyable trip. Looking forward to seeing many interesting pictures from your trip.