Saturday, October 17, 2009

SK Ketabuan, Sabah, East Malaysia

From Sandakan it's a combination of car and boat ride to reach the island school. Teachers posted there are on a 3-year stint. Cikgu Farhana on the way to the island to meet new challenges.

When heavy rains coincide with high tides, the school compound gets flooded.

This is the reason why the teachers are here: to give the island's kids a good education so that they'll not be left behind.

The school staff with guru besar (headmaster): These are the professionals who have to sacrifice a lot for the sake of the children. Cikgu Farhana tells me four new teachers from West Malaysia have joined the school.

School website:

Images: Courtesy of Cikgu Farhana


  1. I always wonder why schools in Sabah & Sarawak are not properly equipped. (facilities & infrastructures, electric and water supply).

    MOE (Ministry of Education) has promised to look at these issue for ages. But, looking at your pictures, it seems nothing much change.

    Roger, that last picture...The teachers pose for you?


  2. It's a remote island school so facilities are rather limited but at least your MOE gives the kids there an education.

    Nothese pictures were provided by Cikgu Farhana whom I met in Sanakan. I told her I might drop in one day if I do go back to Sandakan which is a 6-hour bus ride from KK.

  3. The first picture was my first time ride on the boat on 13th January 2009. When i arrived here, i was crying almost 3 days. It took me a while to get used with this kind of life which the water depends solely on the rain and electricity depends on generator which operates 20hr per day. Now, am geeting used with it. Should i say, i can survive for anything???:)

  4. No wonder there's so much luggage on the boat. It's natural to be upset when we are thrown into such a condition as this but take it as a challenge and soon the three years will pass very quickly. Good to hear that you're getting used to life on the island. Maybe you can write a book about your experience. Writing is not only good only psychologically uplifting but also can help you to pass the time. Kalau Malaysia Boleh, Farhana pun boleh kan?

  5. Dear Cikgu Farhana,

    Teaching is a very noble profession. My uncle was a teacher. I still remember that when I was a teenager, he took me to a village near Alor Setar. It was so touching to see many villagers, old and young, greeted him so sincerely and invited him to their houses for drinks.

    It will be your greatest satisfaction and reward when the students under your charge grow up to be educated persons and contribute to the development of the society.

    Yes, you will become a lady with steel will one day. Go go go!!!

    BC Teoh