Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah, East Malaysia Part 2/3

Another side of Manukan island

Snorkeling area: the mainland and KK look beautiful from the island.

When I arrived at the island's jetty, I was surprised to see hundreds of fish in the crystalline waters.When I threw them a piece of bread, they went berserk.If you're the type who enjoys being BBQ in the sun, Manukan island will not disappoint. Go snorkeling or...

go scuba diving and earn more bragging rights for your next "teh tarik" (Malay words which loosely means tea drinking) session at the coffee shop or Starbucks.

No gear for snorkeling? Don't despair. They can be rented here at this shop which was the most welcome sight for me as cooked food and drinking water are available here. You see, since I left my room rather early, the shops in KK were still closed.

As mentioned earlier, Manukan island is just within a spitting distance of KK. No long tedious boat ride to your paradise island.


  1. Enjoy reading your your series of posts on KK very much. Thanks.

  2. Just jalan-jalan to makan angin. Have you been to KK?

  3. No. I have not been to KK. But really like to go after reading your posts.

  4. Roger is like Ricky Nelson's 'Travellin' Man':
    "I'm a travellin' man
    Made a lot of stops
    All over the world
    And in every port
    I own the heart
    Of at least one lovely girl."

  5. Every part of the song applies except the last. Nothing to it...jalan-jalan, makan angin or walkabout. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?

  6. Andy is a walking song book. He must have remembered thousands of songs by heart.

  7. Yes, Teoh, Andy has had first-hand experience of the music scene in Singapore, being a singer as well. Your Ann Murray post led me to another singer who became famous for her role in the movie The Coalminer's Daughter.

  8. Manukan Island is indeed beautiful. When will you be going?

  9. Coal Miner's Daughter is a nice country song. You must be refering to Loterra Lynn who sang this song. I used to own her CD but have misplaced it several years ago.

  10. Correction. The singer should be Loretta Lynn instead of Loterra Lynn.