Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Attacks in Sepilok rainforest.

Two trekkers in Sepilok rainforest.

The rainforest can be both scary and exciting. Its stillness and quietness can unnerve you. But a sudden discovery of wildlife can be exciting.

In Sepilok you are advised not to carry any food. The monkeys can scent your food and may take it forcibly from you. Their body language seems to say "Resistance is futile". Any attempt on your part to scare them with "No!" will be met with a chorus of "Yes, we can."

I'm not joking.

A lovely stream.

Following recent rains, the trails were muddy and slippery. The trails here are short, about 1km or so. Mindful of the fact that the leeches were gleefully awaiting my arrival, I sprayed myself liberally with insect repellent (against the rules in Sepilok). I was so intent on looking out for birds that I forgot all about the wily leeches (Sepilok alone has about 300 of the 600 odd species of birds in Borneo).

When I finally emerged from the rainforest, I congratulated myself on thwarting the leeches. Not a single attack.

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