Thursday, October 22, 2009

Manukan Island, Sabah, East Malaysia Part 3/3

World War Two bombs found on Manukan Island

Over high tea the other day, a friend asked, "I don't fancy the idea of being BBQ in the sun so what's else is there to do on the island."

"Go and look for bombs,"I said. "You'll become famous."

Trail up a hill

"Or walk up the hill. It's only 1.5 km, and it's an easy walk," I continued. I saw two monitor lizards about a metre long crossing my path. Monitor lizards are vain creatures, always emerging from the undergrowth when I'm near them. The bird life on the hill also attracted my attention. I came across a group of Thais armed with cameras and tripods. They said they were looking for wild forest fowl.
This sign greets you at the top of the hill.
The sunset from the top of the hill is supposedly jaw-dropping. Can you guess what's the yellow speck in the picture? Click on the picture to enlarge it. Don't cheat. Make a guess first.

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