Monday, October 5, 2009

Hotel Mariani international in Padang earthquake

I must share with you my joy today. You're forgiven if you think I've gone crazy. I headlined this post with Padang earthquake, didn't I? So what's there to be happy about?

Earlier this year I stayed in the Maraini Hotel. The counter staff whom I chatted with. The lady whom I asked to give me a morning call. The bellhop who called for me a cab. I've been wondering whether they survived.

Today I read in the paper that all 30 staff members are safe. They knew what to do. The moment they felt the building shaking, they all rushed out of the building.

So that's why I am happy today.

This is the same hotel where a Singaporean was trapped and rescued.

Opposite this hotel is the Ambacang Hotel. It seems at least 200 people are still trapped. About 40 bodies have been pulled out of the rubble.

We can only hope and pray for miracles that more people will be rescued.

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