Monday, September 28, 2009

Siem Reap, Cambodia - accommodation

It says it all.
Tut-tut driver brought me to see two guesthouses but I finally settled on my original one: the weirdly named "Shadow of Angkor Guesthouse" for US$15. Everything here is richly "wooden". Housed in an old French building, it overlooks a sluggish river. Has paid internet access.
There's a nice restaurant below the Guesthouse, and with tempting prices like these my customary high tea was replaced by "high beer". US prices notwithstanding.

I rented a bike at US$3 and cycled around town and to Angkor Wat.

Looking down from my balcony I watched these Cambodian ladies laughing and gossiping. At this point all my fears about residual Khmer Rouge fighters still lurking in the shadows vanished. I breathed easy from then on.


  1. and now you are in angkor? yeah take your time slowly explore angkor wat ya pal!!

  2. In all honesty this was an earlier trip that i've not blogged about, and also friends have asked, "Have you been to Siem Reap?" So there we are.

  3. 'Shadow of Angkor'...Ooooh that's a mysterious name.

    My goodness...high beer. The only alcoholic beverage I ever drink is shandy.

  4. Beer price about the same as a Coke so why not. Relax with a beer and watch the world of the Cambodians go by.

  5. After all that cycling, a cold cold beer did wonders! I must remember to belanja you a Tiger when I go to KL.

  6. I remember cycling in Malaysia Agricultural Park. It was my first time cycling again in years. I definitely agree that you'll need some sort of cooling drink after that.

    I'll belanja when Roger in town :)