Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak

Tomorrow I'll be flying off to the Kelabit Highlands, a plateau (1500 m) near the Indonesian border.

Most people fly there. The other alternative is a combination of buses, taxis and boats which can take you practically the whole day. The latter way is undoubtedly more adventurous but you might be called upon to pull or push the boat!

Since internet access might not be available, I'll blog about the Kelabit trip on my return on Wed 15 Sept.

I'm looking forward to flying on the MASwings' Twin Otter, a plane that can take only about 19 passengers!


  1. yeah it's common to tarvel in sabah and sarawak by maswings ya =p erm... taking boat is fun... i remember i took a speed boat to chiangmai, thailand from luang prabang, laos =p freaking adventurous XD

  2. Whoa! From Iban village to Kelabit Highlands :)

    I did a random search on Kelabit Highlands. The highlands are awesome! Remember to snap some pictures of Bario tribe!!

  3. No more postings. Are you alright Roger? Hope the headhunters, Iban ladies and rainforest snakes didn't get you?

  4. Hi all, neither the former headhunters nor the Iban ladies, with their magical charms, or snakes were able to get me in their clutches. Ok, I'll post pictures of the Kelabit Highlands later tonight.