Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bario Loop, Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak

Bario Loop: starting from Bario, the capital, you could do the Bario Loop by trekking from village to village and finally returning to the starting point. And we're talking of a distance of at least 100 km! If only I had my mountain bike, this would have been great fun.


  1. 100 km??? WOW! I prefer to drive along the Bario Loop if that's possible.

  2. Motor-bikes are very popular in the Kelabit Highlands. 4-wheel drives are meant for greater distances like an eight hour drive to Miri to stock up on provisions, petrol and other essentials. For me,I'd ride a mountain bike around Bario Loop. Sleep in Homestays along the way. Next trip.