Friday, September 18, 2009

MASwings to Kelabit Highlands

The only practical way to reach such a remote and isolated place like the Kelabit Highlands is to fly on MASwings' Twin Otter plane (about 45 mins)

From my front row seat, I could watch the pilots flying the plane. Cockpit has no door so you could say Hi to the pilots.
The pilots were mad with me for getting too close. One of them got out and scolded me, "This is an airport. You want to get your head chopped off?"
The handsome Twin Otter. NO welcoming party on board. Just grab any seat you fancy.
No toilets either. So if you get CON (call of nature) you're in deep trouble.


  1. MASwings' Twin Otter - That's COOL!

    Roger, never underestimate a plane's or helicopter's propeller and rotor blades. I remember vividly a freak accident three years back. It happened so FAST! Here is the news article:

    Title: GM dies after being hit by copter rotor blade

    By the way, what is the ticket price to fly on this wonderful otter?

  2. What a terrible accident!

    Return trip is about RM 190 nett.