Monday, September 28, 2009

How to get from Miri to Niah Caves.

Someone asked how to get to Niah Caves. I couldn't find his comment so I'll respond here.

How to get to Niah Caves

  1. A travel agent provides a bus service directly to Niah Caves. Be at Miri Bus Station by 8am (behind Park Hotel at southern end of town) RM60 per person
  2. Take a cab, also from the same place, for the same amount.
  3. Take a "pawangchia' or pirate taxi for the same amount. You can see them milling around Park Hotel.
  4. Take a bus from the long-distance bus station outside town at Pujut to the little town of Niah, and from there take a cab to the Park HQ (cheapest but full of hassles)

I took a pirate taxi, an old junk of a car. I left at 9 am reaching Niah Park HQ at about 1015am. The driver returned at 4 pm, as instructed, to pick me up for the return trip to Miri.

Hope that helps.

Note: The canteen at Park Hq sells food and drinks. Reasonable prices.

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