Saturday, September 12, 2009

Iban Village in Sarawak (Land of the Hornbills)

Squatting peacefully by the edge of the jungle in Niah National Park is this Iban village. Ibans were once feared headhunters but these days the only things they hunt are notebooks, cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Having chatted with many Ibans, I find them friendly and likeable.

An Iban dwelling in the small Iban village which also boasts of a small school.
Bathing and laundry area. I was invited to have a dip (very tempting after the strenuous trek to the caves)but declined as crocs might be lurking in the river!
Iban teens after their bath. They told me that the homestay cost RM 70.
Iban girls bathing (fully clothed)
Iban kid on his way to fly his kites. He didn't look too happy as I'd disrupted his plans.


  1. Awesome Roger! But honestly, for me to travel and to witness these scenes would not make my day. But the ethnicity... fantastic!

    Where are the headhunters and hornbills?

  2. Being a victim of the global economic crunch,I have no choice but to travel on a shoe-string budget. The "headhunters" are now scouring Bintang Plaza, the most popular mall in Miri, for the latest electronic gadgets! As for the hornbills, yes they remain as elusive as ever even though I've spent up to 8 hours in the jungle. Maybe my BO (body odour) was too repellent for them!

  3. These shots are beautiful!!! I did not expect to see a platform-like laundry and bathing area - very unique!

    That kid in the last picture....I think he wanted Roger to help him with his kite!

  4. Alex, being a kampung boy at heart,this kampung atmosphere appeals to me. What is more kampung-like than boys running around flying kites?

  5. I'm not kampung boy but I really enjoy the kampung-like lifestyle. I visited Pulau Ketam twice. It's a wonderful life over there. Carefree :)