Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kelabit Highlands - Part 2, The People

The bamboo is much-prized for it can be turned into many uses.
The Kelabit Highlands is scorching hot during the day, and chilly at night. Only dogs and mad tourists (like me) venture out during the day.
Local cowboy: he needs a horse to complete the picture.
Bario Town: capital of the Kelabit Highlands. It's just a one-road town with scattered dwellings. With some horses it will look like a cowboy town.
Friendly Kelabit ladies. Motorbikes are wildly popular.
Kelabit people may marry while still in their teenage years. I was told that girls may marry when they are about 16 to 17 years old.


  1. Roger, thanks to you, it has been a wonderful 10-day adventure covering Miri, Niah Caves, Lambir Hills and the Kelabit Highlands.

    It was a memorable visit to Niah Caves which began with a boat ride across a river, and then trekking to Trader's Cave, Great Cave and Painted Cave.

    At Lambir Hills, the fascinating trekking trails led to sparkling waterfalls such as Latak and Nibong waterfalls.

    In the Kelabit Highlands, the beautiful mountain valley, pleasant climate and the friendly and hospitable Kelabit people with their diverse lifestyles beckon visitors.

  2. Dear Roger,

    Landed here via Andy Young's blog.

    I llke your backpacking style of travelling. During the late 80s and early 90s, I travelled several times in that manner too.

    Good blog with many nice pictures!

    BC Teoh

  3. The bamboo is HUGE. Looking at that picture reminds me of people harvesting bamboos shoots and trunks in Gunung Nuang, Selangor - ILLEGALLY! The base mountain has loads of bamboo trees. Lately, is was so rampant. On my last visit, over 10 people were chopping down bamboos even though forest rangers were manning the main entrance. I guess they are making some good profit due to high demand for bamboos to make 'lemang' for raya celebration.

    Roger, did you go for any jungle trekking or mountain climbing in Kelabit?

  4. Nah,

    The word "memorable" sums it up perfectly. I look forward to the pictures you took with your DSLR!!

  5. BC Teoh,

    You must have many stories to tell from your backpacking days as well. Hope you could share with us. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Alex,

    No, we had had enough of trekking or going up and down mountain slopes so we stuck to merely walking around from one Kelabit kampung to another.

    But next time I may walk over the jungle-clad mountains to the Indonesian border (8 to 10 hours one way)

  7. Wow, beautiful landscape and what a plane. Did it go loop the loop? Must be a very tiring trip.
    Trevor Harris
    Pulau Pinang

  8. Roger, those backpacking trips of mine were far less adventurous than yours. They are defintely not exciting enough to be blogged.