Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Kelabit Highlands - The Land, Part 1

A muddy, rutted dirt track road leads to the airport.
Padi or rice fields: new seedlings which will take 6 months to mature. The monsoon rains have been disappointing so far. A farmer pointed out to me another rice field which was starved of water.
Mountains surround the valley.
Your Nikon or Canon (no disrespect to other brands) will work overtime with this sort of jaw-dropping scenery (if you've loose jaws you're in trouble here). Just make sure your camera battery is fully charged and your memory card is NOT full!
Beyond lies Indonesian Kalimantan. The Indonesians, or Indon as they're referred to by the Kelabit people, told me they had to walk 8 hours in the jungle to reach home.

(The Kelabit Highlands, isolated and remote, lie in a valley in north-east Sarawak near the border with Indonesian Kalimantan)


  1. Not on this trip. Maybe next time. 8-hour walk is doable.

  2. I LOVE to visit Kelabit Highlands. The paddy fields, the vast mountains and the people is so captivating!

  3. Yes, Alex, as a photographer you'll simply fall in love with the place. Peace and quiet. That's what the place is all about. And nature at its best.

  4. Roger, I'm no photographer :) Just a guy who loves photography. I always LOVE NATURE! A cheap gateway to peace.