Friday, September 4, 2009

Vietnamese brides

Vietnamese lasses on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam (click on picture to enlarge it for a better look at the pretty Vietnamese ladies, then make your choice, haha)

What prompts me to write on this topic was a recent article in the newspapers about a Singaporean man who found a Vietnamese bride in Vietnam.

When I was in Vietnam not long ago, I learned that Vietnamese girls marry before they are 20 while for Vietnamese men it's around 24 years. A Vietnamese girl gets panicky when she is her twenties and still unmarried.

Men from Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia have been flocking to Vietnam to find a bride, and they are generally successful in their quest if they are not too fussy.

When I was in Vietnam I had had offers of marriage. A young shop assistant out of the blue offered to marry me.

"I'm too old for you,"I said.

"Never mind," she said in fluent English.

"But you're working here," I said.

"No problem. You just ask my boss."

She was in her twenties, and can you imagine me with one foot in the grave walking hand in hand with her? LOL.

Ok, Ok, I've seen balding, ancient Americans frolicking with Thai babes in Chiengmai and Chieng Rai in Thailand.

Watch this blog in case I change my mind.


  1. Another travel tale is spun. It's the chance of a lifetime. I have a friend who's happily married to a beautiful Vietnamese lady. But that was 40 years ago. Sigh!

  2. I hope "sigh" is not indicative of regrets? LOL.I am going to Sarawak on Wednesday. Maybe my destiny lies with a dayak chief's daughter. LOVL

  3. Andy, perhaps to increase my chances you could get recommedations from your "friend who's happily married to a beautiful Vietnamese lady." Hehe.

  4. No problem. Let me know as I am still in touch with him. But you'll be tied down and your wanderings days will end. Do you want it to happen?
    But then you can still carry on travelling. And together this time?

  5. It's strange...I remember reading a local article (TheStar paper) years ago. Successful businessman tends to marry foreign bride (either Thailand or Vietnam). They believe local gals are:

    a) very choosy/picky
    b) job oriented
    c) not willing to bear more than one child
    and more.....

  6. They say Singapore girls are worse: high maintenance you know.