Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lambir Hills, Sarawak

Lambir Hills National Park

Is this "lingzhi", dubbed the mushroom of immortality by the Chinese?
Nature can sometimes startle you with its beauty.

Lambir Hills National Park lies just 31 km from Miri. Compared to Niah National Park, it can be considered very small.

It boasts of trekking trails and a few pretty unimpressive waterfalls. The trekking trails range from short ones of 1 km to longer ones of up to 3 km over rather steep terrain.

As at Niah National Park, it was ferociously hot when I was there. But this time I took a nice cool shower in the park's toilets after the treks.

TIP: take bus 33A from Miri bus station to Pujut long-distance bus station. From there take another bus to Lambir Park (RM 5). Or else travel agents charge RM40 for a return trip. Taxi drivers ask for RM 40 PER PERSON for a return trip.


  1. My goodness! That fungi is HUGE! Look like a giant clam :)

    The umbrella-like leaf is AWESOME! Great catch, Roger!

  2. My friends say it's a "ling zhi". I really don't know. Hope someone can help out here.