Thursday, September 10, 2009

Niah National Park, Sarawak

The Great Cave, Niah National Park
The well-maintained boardwalk leads all the way to the caves (1 hour leisurely stroll). Terrain is flat throughout so even Grandma can make it.
Niah cave
Niah cave.
Man collecting fertilisers from the caves.

We hired a private car to take us to the Niah caves (102 km from Miri). This is the best way as public transport is not only time-consuming but also full of hassles.

Though the walkway was shady, it was still very hot and humid. The Swedish guy with us sweated buckets.

Tips: bring a powerful torchlight, at least 2 litres of water, a lunch packet, snacks, poncho, face towel, cap (in case of direct hit by bird poop).

Tomorrow I'll post more pictures of the caves and an Iban village (including village girls bathing in a croc-infested river)


  1. wow gua niah... i always wanna go to this caves and mulu caves as well :) cant wait to read your next entry

  2. Yes, fufu try to come. Disappointed because Mulu flights are all fully booked so I can't see the world famous Mulu caves! But never mind at least i can fly to the Kelabit Highlands to do some trekking.

  3. Niah cave look AWESOME. Did you hire any guide to explore the cave?

  4. Alex, not necessary to hire a guide at all. Just follow the boardwalk but a powerful torch is important for parts of the caves are very dark (it's very hot so it's advisable to bring lots of water to prevent dehydration).