Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Siem Reap - street life

Street Life of Siem Reap

The market area is near "Shadow of Angkor Guesthouse".
You name it, he has it. Hey, only household goods, OK?

Hawker with baskets slung on a pole. Her shoulder and leg muscles given a daily workout. But a tough life no doubt.

Monks also need daily neccessities. No meter, just hop onto the motor-bike taxi.

Mussels (hope I'm right) are obviously a local delicacy. If you like to crunch on them, then you'll go crazy over the dirt cheap price.


  1. Gambar2 encek Roger mengkagumkan! Saya download gambar2 di-komputer dan akan pelesir ka-negeri ini tah lamah lagi.
    Terima Kaseh,
    Cheong Tuck Wai

  2. You really got down to the street to mingle with the locals and to experient the life of the poeple of the place you travelled to.

    That's the truest form of travel. Salute.

  3. Personally, that's the most satisfying way to travel rather than peering thro the windows of a coach. This is just a personal opinion. Different people see things differently, content with merely skimming the surface.

  4. Giant mussel with pasta = D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S :)