Thursday, September 24, 2009

Satun, Thailand

Chicken rice stall in Satun

Hadyai in southern Thailand is popular with most Singaporeans and Malaysians. However, there's another southern town about two hours from Hadyai (on the way to Phuket) which is worth a visit. It's Satun in the provinve of the same name.

I've visited it twice, the last was with the purpose of enjoying their "loi kratong" festival, held annually in November.

Satun has some nice places like this for a drink.

For those into caving, this may prove a challenge.

Satun River where the "loi kratong" was held (more in subsequent posts).

Slow-moving Satun River.

Muslims are a common sight but they're different from those in the strife-torn areas of Yala and Patani.


  1. I missed Thailand so much! Ready to make my second trip to discover more gems in Southern Thailand. Hat Yai is so 'ALIVE' AND 'WHOLESOME' Love the open market over there.

    Satun looks like an interesting place. The 'caving' picture caught my attention. I can see a statue of Buddha next to the cave wall.

  2. Sawatdee kap kun Alex. I think you're motivated enought to learn Thai. With some knowledge of Thai you'll find Thailand even more enjoyable. On the way to Phuket from Satun, the next most visited place is Krabi. Have you been there? Lovely beaches and islands. Lots of farang.

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