Monday, September 21, 2009

Bario's Homestays, Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak

Bariew Backpackers Lodge and Homestay: very popular. About 2 km from Bario airport. Owner is a Mr Reddish. Free ride to the homestay from the airport.
Relatives and friends of Homestay's owner. Mrs Reddish is on extreme right.She goes to the airport to look for guests. The guy (second from left) is all set to trek 8 hours over the mountains to his kampung in Indonesian Kalimantan.

Ngimat Ayu Homestay. 3.5 km from airport. Near art gallery and school. Has fantastic views of padi fields and mountains. With a good book and a coffee I can sit on its balcony all day!

This is the view from Ngimat Ayu Homestay.
Useful tips and info:
1. Homestay rate is RM$60 per person, and includes 3 meals and free flow of drinks.
2. Electricity comes on from 6PM to 11PM
3. Bring a torchlight for that visit to the toilet in the middle of the night. Or else you might stumble in the dark, crash into the flimsy toilet walls and bring the house down!
4. It's chilly at night.
5. Bring insect repellent or go mad with itchy insect bites.


  1. Must be very exciting and wild. Mountain views and padi fields. Exceptional.

  2. RM60 per person means you have own room or share the room with the rest of the guests?

  3. The view from Ayu Homestay is gorgeous! Have to try it out some day.

  4. @andy

    Fabulous view! But not for those who crave nightlife, shopping malls etc.

  5. @shelyn

    Actually it's a dorm. No private rooms here.Very basic. I'll post pictures of the homestay soon.

  6. @loke,

    Selamat datang ke Kelabit Highlands, suatu tempat yang indah sekali. Bahayanya ialah jatoh cinta di sana.

  7. wow... i got it... will real go have an exotic travel in sarawak 2yrs later!!! *takes out note and jots down*

  8. Roger,
    A wonderful trip you have had. Nice photos and short writeup with good pointers.

  9. @fufu and charles, now Miri is very accessible with Air Asia flying there now. In my 3 days I saw no more than 10 tourists (all western people).

  10. Terima kasih, Roger! Nampaknya, saya akan melawat Kelabit Highlands untuk menikmati keindahan alam yang bergitu sempurna. Jatuh cinta? Rasa tak jadi. Saya ni budak miskin...tiada orang nak cinta :)

  11. Amboi, rupunya Alex modest lah. Ya lah, jika berpeluang mesti melawat Kelabit. Sebenarnya saya dah lama ada keinginan melawat tempat itu.

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    Thanks for this excellent post!