Monday, September 21, 2009

Air Asia to Miri, Sarawak

Air Asia now flies to Miri, gateway to the famed Niah and Mulu caves, from Singapore (no, Air Asia is not giving me free seats for this publicity).

Free wifi with your murah-murah (cheap) kopi-O!
Malaysia Boleh (lit: Malaysia Can)


  1. Oooh..70 cent? That's C.H.E.A.P!

    You should tweet this post to Dato' Tony Fernandes for free seats!! Nah just joking. But, he tweets!

  2. Brilliant idea, Alex. Perhaps, Najib now is saying, "A Singaporean praising Air Asia, MAS and MASwings? I'm speechless, saya terkagum...ok...nothing less than a datukship. I heard he has already got a kampung named after him. Kampung Poh in Perak I think."