Friday, September 4, 2009

Miri, Sarawak

Sarawak, infamously dubbed Land of the Headhunters, will welcome me on Wednesday next week. With a lion dance hopefully?

Lion dance? Yes, you see, it's Air Asia inaugural flight to Miri (situated in northern Sarawak)famed for its national parks like Niah Naional Park and the World Heritage Site at Mulu caves.

It's also my very first flight with Air Asia which boasts that it's the best budget airline in the world. Hmm...l'll let readers know to what extent this is true or whether it's
just pure hype.

If you like trekking, nature/wildlife photography and exciting river rides in the heart of Borneo perhaps Miri might appeal to you.

And, hey, you need only $50 for the air ticket -loose change really.

I hope my head doesn't end up hanging from the ceiling of a longhouse!


  1. Hi Roger, Can you share where you stayed there, what did you do and whether it's easy to get around alone? I am considering going there this month.

  2. Hi Kym, I'm now stayiing at a backpacker place called Dillenia with free breakfast and internet. Homey atmosphere with free drinks. Downside: no attached toilet and bathroom. Will be going to Niah caves tomorrow on a day trip (RM 60). Town is small so I walk everywhere. Mulu caves are Sarawak's top attractions but I couldn't get flights (Go to Maswings to book online). This month is good as Oct is the start of the rainy season.

  3. Kym, I'm blogging from Miri. Hope to post pictures but blogger is erratic at times so I can't post pics sometimes. Wow, today on arrival at Miri we were greeted by VIPs and garlanded!

  4. Could anyone advise me on the Niah Day Trip Package? Where should I book the package? Price range?