Saturday, September 26, 2009

Siem Reap, Cambodia - from airport to town

Mention about travelling to Cambodia, and most people are a bit nervous when they think of the atrocities during the Khmer Rouge regime when millions of Cambodians were murdered. And the clashes with Thailand over the ancient temple of Preah Vihar serve only to strengthen these fears. However, I think Siem Reap can serve as a gentle introduction to the country.

The quiet Siem Reap airport. I took my time to leave the airport as I was going around snapping pictures. All the passengers having left, the airport was deserted. I acted cool as if I had been here a hundred times.

When I finally got out of the airport, I spotted this tut-tut driver. He accepted US$2 for the 8km ride to town.

I sat at the back, and then I noticed his registration number. Good number for 4-D I thought.

Along the way to town, I became increasingly impressed as many luxurious hotels flashed past. I relaxed. Not bad at all. Nobody was going to put a bullet into my head!

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