Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miri, Sarawak Day 1

VVIPs greeting visitors to Miri at the airport.
My backpacker guesthouse at Dillenia.
Miri street scene.
Today I took Air Asia''s first ever flight to Miri (Sarawak). This was my first flight with Air Asia, and I must admit I was quite impressed with its service. The meals were reasonably priced much to the delight of the passengers who booked them online (served first).

Now comes the surprising part. On arrival at Miri, we were greeted by big shots and a lot of photographers.

Another surprise is that Miri is full of cafes, eating places and hotels.

I stayed at a backpacker place called Dillenia (RM 30 for a dorm bed) with free breakfast and internet. The only downside is that it has no attached bathroom and toilet. But the owner is nice and friendly.


  1. upload the pictures later =p
    rm30 for a dorm bed? quite expensive...
    penang only rm 15 with BREADfast :)

  2. Ah, my friend Miri doesn't sound eerie. Enjoy your stay and post those pictures. Look out for the Miri chick. Kiri, kanan, kiri!

  3. Haha, Uncle Andy...Miri is a modern but quiet town.

  4. The VVIP reception - Is there any special occasion in Miri?

    Normally, guest house in Malaysia has separate bathroom for dorm beds. I agree with fufu, RM30 for dorm bed is a lil' bit expensive even with air con.

  5. Alec, yes, accommodation tends to be a bit more expensive in Borneo.

    It was Air Asia's maiden flight to Miri from Singapore so the VVIPs welcomed us at the airport.I'd expected some kind of reception like this.

  6. Ahyo, backpacker's inn is like a hostel, how can you expect toilets to be attached?