Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Pic: By day it's a charming peaceful spot; by night it swirls with spirits and ghosts. A flashlight at night will prove useful. (Click on pic to enlarge it)

As Maninjau is subject to power failure or brown-outs it was fortunate I brought along a flashlight. It happened all the three days I was there.

If you are the sort who have a bladder issue and must take a leak every now and then at night a flashlight will prevent you from crashing into the flimsy walls of your budget room and causing a catastrophe.

Since most of the accommodation is situated by the lake side, visitors need to walk in the village lanes which can be quite dark at night. A flashlight may prevent you from plunging headlong into a muddy ditch, and emerging transformed in appearance. Imagine the effect on passing villagers steeped in superstitious beliefs in spirits and ghosts.

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