Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mr Porcupine of Danau (Lake) Maninjau

I met Mr Porcupine at WF Restaurant where I was having lunch.

"Tourists used to call me Mr Porcupine," he said proudly.

"How did that come about?" I said.

"You see, at that time I was a tourist guide. I wore a necklace made of porcupine...what do you call...?"

"The sharp things on a porcupine?" I volunteered. Frankly, I myself couldn't recall the exact word.

"Yeah. People then called me Mr Porcupine. But now i have this restaurant. I'm no longer a tourist guide. You want to see pig hunting on Sunday? We hunt wild boars with dogs. Not here in Maninjau because there are no wild boars."

"What do you do with the wild boars?"

"We feed them to the dogs."

As mentioned in the preceding blog, WF Restaurant is the best eating place in Maninjau.

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