Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kurnia Bistari and Regal bus companies - take at own peril

This is a warning against travelling on Kurnia Bistari or Regal buses to or from
Cameron Highlands.

A few backpackers lost their backpacks when the luggage hold below the bus accidentally opened and their backpacks fell out.

The buses are so old that they should be in a museum than on the road. The seats are torn, broken and the interior of the buses is very dirty.

Going down Cameron Highlands to KL via the old winding road can be dangerous as the drivers go quite fast. Since the buses are so old, their brakes can't be trusted.

Halfway they may switch to another bus without air-conditioning. It happened to me. I felt cheated. But what was worse was that I had to suffer in the terrible heat all the two hours to KL.

You've been warned.

(In Dec 2004, a Kurnia Bistari bus fell into a ravine killing two foreigners and injuring many. In Sept 2007 another was involved in an accident with a lorry killing a Myanmar man.)

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