Saturday, April 18, 2009


A popular wet market in Taiping Town. Such is the relaxed atmosphere in town that residents have time to have a chat.
The infamous Peace Hotel which doubles as a knocking shop. A well-known travel guide raves over its architecture. When the Japanese invaded Malaya its army took over the hotel.

One of the greatest pull factors in Taiping Town is the great numbers of eating establishments all over town. You certainly won't starve here. For US $1 you can have a filling meal. "Olden Days Kopitiam" (Olden Days Coffee Shop) offers not only a cuppa of coffee but also free wi-fi. When night falls, out come the notebooks.

Another hawker centre (eating establishment). There are foodstalls (size of pushcarts) where you order your food and sit anywhere you like Hmm...makes me hungry just blogging about Taiping food. Not only is Taiping food delicious but also wallet-friendly. Know what I mean?

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