Monday, April 20, 2009

Cameron Highlands Part 2

My friend, John Archer, asked me, "How do you get to Cameron Highlands from Taiping Town?'

Ok, let me set it down step by step:
  1. From Taiping Town go to the bus station near Legend Hotel
  2. Take a bus to Kamunting station on outskirts of Taiping Town
  3. From there take bus to Ipoh Medan Kidd bus station
  4. From there take a minibus to Medan Gopeng bus station
  5. Take the bus to Cameron Highlands. Last bus is at 6 pm
  6. Bus takes about two hours to reach Cameron Highlands bus station in Tanah Rata
If you arrive late at night at Tanah Rata, you can stay at the following places:

  1. Twin Pines (for backpackers, 10 mins' walk)
  2. BB Inn (cheap, RM$25 off-season, TV, attached toilet, small room, free biscuits and coffee, 10 mins' walk)
  3. Hillview Inn (for families, clean, budget accommodation, 15 mins' walk, on a slope)


  1. Sounds great. Have been wanting to travel to Malaysia a long time ago. Roger has reinstated my confidence to visit this beautiful country.
    Steve Macquarie,

  2. Thank you mate. Australia is a beautiful country which I have yet to visit. Hope the kangaroos will still be there when I come a-calling.