Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Riding the Malaysian train

Pic: Interior of Superior class on Express Rakyat
Pic: Train arriving at JB station from Singapore
Pic: The modest-looking Johor Bahru railway station

As mentioned in the previous blog, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the Malaysian train, the Express Rakyat, particularly the toilets.

When my stomach started to rebel with growling noises, I went in search of the dining car. I remember the last train trip on KTM I was served expensive and indifferent food.

But Express Rakyat is a far cry from the ramshackle trains of the last century. It is a de-luxe and superior class train only. After a fruitless search I asked one of the cleaners.

She said, "Tak ada tempat makan." (There is no place to eat.)

I was disappointed. I hoped the train would stop at a station long enough for us to grab some "makan" (food).

BTW, many students have yet to travel in an intercity train. Maybe schools should organise train travel. Peirce Secondary School could be the pioneer.

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