Thursday, April 2, 2009

Schools in Maninjau, West Sumatra (Indonesia)

Picture 1: Many students ride a bike to school.
Picture 2: Maninjau secondary school girls cool off with ice-cream.
Picture 3: Flag-raising ceremony before school starts

On my travels I am excited when I see a school, and will try to get into the school to have a look around.

In Maninjau (Sumatra, Indonesia) I walked into a secondary school. Their teachers had not yet arrived but I noticed the students were well-behaved, reading or chatting quietly.

Some sat outside.

"Can I take your photo?" I said in Bahasa Indonesia.

They waved their hands in protest, and fled back into their classroom as though they had seen a vampire!

Another group of students was practising a marching drill.

When a teacher arrived I said,"I'm only looking around."

Thinking I wanted to speak to her class she said, "Please, go in."

"No, I'm just having a look at your school," I explained.

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