Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cameron Highlands - hiking trails

"Ask me one more time and I'll wring your neck!"

This is my reaction when I'm asked the umpteen times which trails in Cameron Highlands (CH) are good (define good), and if there are any wild animals like tigers and elephants (see earlier post for answer).

The trails west of Tanah Rata (No. 6, 10,11,12): not clearly signposted, easy to lose your way, often within sight of buildings.

The trails east of Tanah Rata are more challenging and interesting.

Trail 4: the easiest, your grandmother will thank you, watch out for small squirrels, walk by the canal but a bit of imagination needed as you are not in the deep rain forest.

Trail 9A: easy walk to the Boh tea factory but can be slippery

Trail 8: after Robinson Waterfall, takes you to top of Gunung Beremban (1841m), trail goes up and down mountain slope, some fitness required, make sure grandma or grandpa has made their will if they insist on tagging along, those with heart problem beware, interesting and challenging. Return via trail 7 or 5 and come out at MARDI or trail 3 and 2 emerging at golf course and Chinese temple respectively.

Trail 1: steep and challenging, start of trail hard to find, best to walk up via paved road and hike down, summit is Gunung Brinchang at 2032m, can camp at summit if you can stand the cold.

Happy Hiking

(Read about precautions in earlier post)

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