Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A steamboat meal

When you are in Cameron Highlands you tend to be greedy, and more greedy with each passing day. You want to eat roti canai, satay, strawberries and so on. Everything that can be eaten, you feel like trying. Maybe, the nice cool weather makes your stomach growl all the time for food.

But it seems everyone who goes to Cameron Highlands (CH) will try the steamboat. In China it's called hot pot or huo guo.

Steamboat in CH consists of many plates of uncooked food which you dip into a pot of boiling soup to cook them. Steam rises from the hot pot of soup that's why they call it steamboat I guess. It's sweaty work cooking your food but it's enjoyable when the weather is cold.

In CH most restaurants offer steamboat for a least two persons at a fixed price. If you're alone there's no need to disappointed - just call me so there'll be two persons for the meal. Just nice don't you think so?

Happy eating!


  1. Food galore. Be careful of a stomach upset so it needs to be hot! Never touch food that's uncooked or drink water from a container. Buy canned drinks.
    Play it cool and play it safe! Doctors may be hard to come by... and they don't come cheap, the doctors I mean.
    But Cameron Highlands should be OK.

  2. Thank you sir for your concern. Yes, I will remember your good advice. Once again let me say that eating steamboat in CH is simply wonderful. The colder the weather the better it is.

  3. How's the tea up there. Remember going there 10 years ago and the tea pickers were hard at work. Hot tea sips with steamboat dips, surrounded by Malaysian hills and dales in English weather. Downed with a Tiger? Wow!We must return to Cameron Highlands.
    Jeremy Simmons and wife,

  4. The tea estates are extremely peaceful. It's nice to sit on a boulder and just watch the tea pickers going about their business. Your description of CH evokes wonderful memories.