Saturday, April 4, 2009

Horse-drawn carriages in Padang, West Sumatra (Indonesia)

Everybody loves horses. Indonesia is the only country in SE Asia where you can see horses being used as a form of transport in towns and even in cities.

But the horses seem to be overworked as they haul passengers about from morning till night. Also, they have to put up with the constant traffic noise and air pollution. Must be tough on them to stand on their feet throughout the day.

In Padang and Bukit Tinggi in West Sumatra (Indonesia) horse-drawn carriages are common. They are called "dokar". Tourists love to take a ride on them.

I remember the first time I rode on a horse was in Tretes, a mountain resort, in eastern Jave. It was exciting to gallop along the mountain paths. Give it a try and you'll find the experience unforgettable.

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