Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vietnam Travel

Most people are apprehensive when they go to Vietnam, especially Americans to whom the country is not exactly an American Idol of a travel destination as desirable as the singing competition.

Their anxiety is understandable as Americans dropped more bombs in Vietnam during the Vietnam war than in the whole of World War 2! Imagine you are now going back to your former enemy's territory.

For others, well, Vietnam is a communist country so will they be harrassed by the secret police? Or worse, thrown into jail on trumped up charges. Don't laugh...people have expressed such fears to me.

To be honest with you, I too had a stab of anxiety the first time I travelled to Vietnam.


  1. Kalu kamu suka merantau,
    Berhati hati jalan sendiri,
    Lihat selalu depan, belakang,
    Jaga diri mustahak sekali.

    Selamat jalan Tuan.
    Sahabat pena,
    Apandy Yang.
    Jawa Timor,

  2. Terima kasih atas nasihat yg saya amat menghargai. Jangan khuatiar, saya sentiasa berhati-hati. Esok saya merantau di Tanah Melayu naik kereta api. Sudah lama tidak naik kereta api Malaysia. Dengar-nya sekarang dah moden dan ada banyak fasilitas. BAMBANG (WARGA SINGAPURA)

  3. Literal English Translation:
    If you love to travel
    Be careful as you walk alone
    Look always, front and back
    Looking after yourself is so important.

    Thank you very much for your advice which is so valuable. Dont worry, I will surely lookafter myself. Tomorrow I shall travel to Malaysia by train. It's been a while since I did as the trains are equipped with modern facilities.

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