Saturday, April 4, 2009

Best dining place in Maninjau

Picture 1: Dutch drinkers enjoying a cold beer

Picture 2: Best dining place in Maninjau at WF Restaurant

Visitors to Indonesia often worry whether the food is safe to eat or whether there is any western food.

The food is safe if it has been boiled or fried over high heat. From Sumatra to Bali I have never had any stomach problem due to food. In India it's different. As for western food, even restaurants in guesthouses know how to prepare such food.

The best place to eat in Maninjau is at WF Restaurant which has a dining area jutting out into Lake Maninjau. Sometimes it is reserved for special functions.

Local food which I liked: lontong, fried rice (small restaurant beside Maninjau mosque, has small small dining area where you can meet local folk)


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