Sunday, April 19, 2009


View from New Champagne Hotel
A good budget hotel with friendly staff. Pocket-friendly too.

Apart from transport cost, the next thing that can make a big hole in your pocket is accommodation. If you are the next Warren Buffet, you may skip this part.

The nice thing about Taiping Town is the pleasant, well-maintained and inexpensive budget hotels.

When I arrived in Taiping it was already 9pm. My plan was to stay at New Champagne Hotel. I knew roughly the location but I asked around anyway.

I was surprised nobody knew where the hotel was! Not a single person.

I spotted Hollywood Hotel. Nice name but hotel only in name as it looked more like a homestay for foreign workers.

"How much a night?" I asked the Indian youth at Reception.

"RM$70," he said.

He must have thought I had just come from the planet Mars. RM$70!

Finally, I found Hotel New Champagne which was just around the corner from this cheat.

"Why nobody in Taiping knows where your hotel is?" I asked the hotel receptionist.

The Indian lady said, "You must say 'Old Cathay Hotel' or 'Soon Lee Restaurant'."

The room cost me RM$68.

Cozy room with a 14-inch TV, air-conditioned and free drinking water outside.

And the beautiful Taiping Lake Gardens is just within spitting distance.

If you have more Malaysian ringgit to throw than me, then Panorama Hotel at RM$92 is a steal. Its coffee house is the perfect place to relax after all that hard travelling.

If New Champagne Hotel is full try the similar Furama Hotel nearby.


  1. Ol' town friendliness with new city cosiness, a warm combination indeed. My girl friend and I were here two years ago and we enjoyed this particular hotel as it was the month when we got engaged.
    We shall never forget this particular hotel.
    I managed to find your blog while scouting for other places in Taiping as we want to go back soon for our June holiday. NZ is cold in June.
    John Stewart
    South Island
    New Zealand

  2. Glad you enjoyed your stay. NZ is incredibly beautiful.