Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anglot of Padang, West Sumatra (Indonesia)

The thing that immediately caught my attention when I arrived in Padang (West Sumatra, Indonesia) was the boom, boom sound. I paused to find out where the noise came from, and realised it came from passing anglot (mini-vans used as public transport)

Every where in Padang I heard the boom, boom beat of heavy rock music blaring from speakers installed in anglot.

They are like flies buzzing about all over Padang which is the provincial capital of West Sumatra. Each anglot is covered in eye-catching and colorful artistic designs. You can't help feeling it's the possibly the work of a mad artist.

To get on board one, you simply raise your hand. On board there are small bench seats. As the game plan is to pack in as many passengers as possible, you are squashed like sardines. A trip around town costs 2000 Rp (SGD 0.30 cents)

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  1. In the earlier years in Indonesia, there were horse drawn carriages called 'delman' (pronounced DELL-MARN). They have since been replaced by anglot, mini-vans, etc. There were also smaller anglots that resembled the 'tuk-tuk' in Thailand. They were called,'Autolet" (or 'small auto'.

    Wonder if the delman and autolet are still around.

    Yusoof Sidek