Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SJK (C), Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Photos: Children from SJK(C), Brinchang. Spot the Malay, Indian and Orang Asli kids who are fluent in Mandarin.

To: The Headmaster/Principal
SJK (C), Brinchang

Dear Sir

About a week ago while looking around Brinchang, I spotted your school and went in to have a look (sorry, without your permission).

Your school may not look very modern but I simply love it. Your students were wonderful and friendly.

I was surprised to learn that Malay, Indian and Orang Asli kids are learning Chinese at your school. I spoke to them in Mandarin and they impressed me with their fluency in the language. I congratulate your teachers for this great achievement.

I have not been able to find your e-mail address to send you the pictures of your students as promised. I hope if you come across this message you'll let them know how pleased I was meeting them. Thank you.


PS: I visit CH regularly and on my next visit may I drop by your school again? xie xie

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