Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Accomodation in Maninjau, West Sumatra (Indonesia)

The best of the budget accomodation in Lake Maninjau (Danau Maninjau) is Muaro Beach Bungalows in Maninjau Town.


  • cheap at 50000 Rp
  • near the lake
  • has own restaurant on edge of lake
  • bungalows and restaurant just renovated
  • convenience of being in town
As there is nothing much to do in Maninjau once darkness falls, it's vital to have a restaurant where you can eat and socialise.

A popular travel guide raves over Riak Danau, but when I checked it out it was run-down, lacks a restaurant and had hardly any guests unlike Muaro Beach Bungalows which was full during the three days I stayed there.

The best accomodation in Maninjau costs from 175000 Rp to 350000 Rp. The cheaper rooms don't face the lake.


  1. Hullo Roger,
    Because of your blogs and love for stuff SEAsian, my family and I visited Indonesia these past few days.
    Encouraging and beautiful images of a thriving eco-system. Nature like nostalgia cures the soul.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Indonesia Pak Young. Where did you go to? Hope to hear your travel tales as well.

  3. Pulang pergi di Indonesia,
    Ketemu burung chantek sekali,
    Hati tertarik malam bermimpi,
    Pulang sudah, mesti kembali...

  4. Great postings! Keep going. Love to go to these places soon.
    James Michell
    Toronto, Canada.