Sunday, June 21, 2009

Victory Celebrations over Defeat of Tamil Tigers in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

After the blasts of firecrackers.

Hanging dangerously from a three-wheeler.

Three-wheelers decked out in the national flag.

Riotous victory parade by ordinary folks.

Riotous celebrations.

When I arrived in Nuwara Eliya, popularly known as Little England on account of its temperate climate, was in the midst of the wildest celebrations ever to engulf the town: victory celebrations over the Tamil Tigers.

Everyone was so happy in this Tamil-majority town.

Convoys of vehicles and three-wheeler cabs blared their horns while their occupants waved the Sri Lanka flag in unrestrained joy, screaming their happiness as I snapped pictures of them.

Firecrackers were set off while police officers were out in full force to ensure that things did not get out of hand.

No one will ever forget the victory celebrations over the defeat of the Tamil Tigers.


  1. Your photographs put me in the picture as I mingle with the crowds and celebrate their victory. Truly a historical occasion that you shared with them. It was a travel plan no agency could have organised for you. Bravo!

  2. You put me in the picture as I follow the crowd to celebrate the people's victory. Large, clear photographs that tell stories and a travel plan no agency could have organised. It was an event made for history books and you were in the midst. Bravo!

  3. Just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.