Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buddha Tooth Temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Students making their way to the temple.
Devotees in the temple.

Devotees on pilgrimage.

Buddha Tooth Temple in Kandy

Though the town of Kandy is unimpressive, my disappointment was more than made up by the star attaction of Kandy - the magnificent Buddha Tooth Temple.

Being there on a weekend was unwise as I had to contend with the thousands of Buddhist Sri Lankans on pilgrimage. The temple is considered sacred so I had to trod about in my bare feet.

Many devotees came clutching flowers and money as donation to the temple. Though packed to the brim, everyone was well-behaved as this is a holy site.

Unlike the Botanic Gardens and Elephant Park which are some distance from Kandy, the Buddha Tooth Temple is right in the town itself by Kandy Lake.

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