Thursday, June 4, 2009

Travels in Sri Lanka

Visitors from Colombo in Nuwara Eliya in the Hill Country who gave me their contact details
Buddhist monk who was in Singapore for a year.

Waiter in a Tamil restaurant.

Travelling with the locals on the bus was an eye-opener

One of the lasting impressions I took back with me was the friendliness and kindness of Sri Lankan people.
In a restaurant in the hill country a Sri Lankan gave me his contact details and said, "If you have any problems, contact me in Colombo."
A lady led me to the correct bus for my trip to Galle.
Even a cop said, "Come, I take you to bus."
A businessman invited me to have a drink with him.
A monk assured me the country was safe, and gave me his card.
In a packed bus, a passenger pointed out the sights along the way: Yala National Park, tsunami affected areas, salt-making areas etc
Many I spoke to had some connections with Singapore e.g. a cousin who is studying in Singapore, working as a housemaid in Singapore.


  1. Glad to see Mr Roger Poh in all his glory, the man behind this blog and its witty anecdotes.

  2. With travel information so readily available these days, it's no big deal actually sir. An old proverb I still recall after 50 years:"What one fool can do, another can."